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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tunnel of Fudge Cake

A few weeks ago some friends invited us over for dessert.
They served a "tunnel of fudge" cake.
Apparently this is a classic recipe, but it was new to us.
We decided to try it today.
After researching lots of recipes online, we selected one and started baking.
We tried this recipe here.

Not sure if this is my favorite recipe or not.
Our friend's cake was fudgey in the middle.
Our was more molten - think lava cake.
It was good, but is it the best recipe?
I'm not sure.
I loved the deep chocolate on chocolate taste,
but I might prefer a more fudgey texture.

I do love the impressive look of the cake.
Anything in a bundt pan is visually appealing.
Do you have a favorite recipe for Tunnel of Fudge Cake recipe?

Let me know.

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