I love baking and cooking! Join me as I explore new recipes, old favorites, and healthier options.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fruity Popsicles

Looking for a way to beat the heat?
Try this frozen snack.
Your kids will love it!
Fruity Popsicles
2 cups fruit
1 cup milk
1 Tbsp. vanilla (I prefer imitation in non-baked goods)
Blend all ingredients until smooth. Pour into molds. Insert sticks. Freeze.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pots de Creme

After discovering an old recipe for pots de creme,
I wondered if I could make it low-sugar.
I read many online recipes, then created my own. Chocolate Pots de Creme
1 cup milk
1 cup high cacoa chocolate chips
3 eggs
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 Tbsp. vanilla
pinch of salt
Heat milk until nearly boiling - stirring frequently. Remove from heat. Stir in chocolate chips until melted. Add eggs, sugar, vanilla, and salt. Beat until smooth. Pour into small glass cups. Bake for 40-45 minutes until set. Serve warm or chilled with whipped cream.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nutty Nuggets

Modeled after Mexican Wedding Cookies, these nut-filled cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth with protein. Nutty Nuggets
1 cup butter, softened
4 Tbsp. powdered sugar
2 cups flour
2 1/2 cups finely chopped nuts
1 Tbsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. almond extract
Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Roll dough into small, round balls. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool and serve.

Apricot Lemon Squares

Today I made lemon bars.
They sounded so good.
I figured there must be a low-sugar way to make them.
My new favorite dessert. Apricot Lemon Squares
1 cup flour
1/2 cup butter
2 Tbsp. powdered sugar
1 cup pureed dried apricots
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp vanilla
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
2 eggs
Mix flour, butter, and powdered sugar. Pressed into ungreased 9x9 pan. Bake 20 minutes at 350. Puree dried apricots, lemon juice, and vanilla. Pour mixture into medium bowl. Add baking powder, salt, and eggs. Beat well. Pour apricot mixture into hot crust. Bake 25-30 miutes until set. Cool in pan. Cut into squares and serve.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Peach Apricot Jam

Add something fruity to your morning toast.
When the peaches from my peach tree ripened, it was jam time. Peach Apricot Jam
2 cups pureed peaches
2 cups pureed dried apricots
Puree peaches in food processor or blender. Puree dried apricots. Mix together. Store in freezer. Thaw before serving. Spread on your favorite toast, bagel, or English muffins. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cinnamon Raisin Cake

When I needed a cake for my baby's 1st birthday, I adapted a recipe. He loved it! Cinnamon Raisin Cake
3/4 cup apple juice
1/2 cup raisin
1/2 cup prunes
1/2 cup dates
1/2 cup whole raisins
1/4 cup butter
2 tsp. cinnamon
3/4 cup whole white wheat flour
1/2 cup wheat germ
1 Tbsp. baking powder
pureed prunes
Pureed juice, raisins, prunes, and dates. Add pureed fruit to large bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients and stir until smooth. Pour into greased 8 inch square pan. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes (until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean). Cool. Frost with pureed prunes. Serve.